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Sweet Childhood 回憶的甜味 - Poster

NT$ 380.00

Description 簡介

Some people accompany us for a period time in our life. We may forget the details, but we will remember the sweet good time.

We encounter many people in our life. We become part of the stories of each other.
Poster series “Sometimes When We Meet”



  • Title: Sweet Childhood – Poster (Without Frame)
  • Creator: InkSundae
  • Size: A3
  • Paper: 木質紙 / Baum / バウム
  • Printing: Risograph
  • Printer: Retro 印刷 Jam
  • Publish date: 10/2020


  • 名稱: Sweet Childhood 回憶的甜味 - 海報(不含框)
  • 作者: Inksundae
  • 尺寸: A3
  • 紙張:木質紙
  • 印刷: Risograph (孔版印刷)
  • 承印: Retro 印刷 Jam
  • 出版: 10/2020


  • Risograph printing may have slight displacement and colour variation
  • Colour in photo is slightly different from product.


  • Risograph (孔版印刷)會有不對位、色偏及輕微掉色情況
  • 照片的顏色與實物有偏差


  • Taiwan: By registered mail / convenience store pick up
  • Outside Taiwan: By Air Mail (registered mail), time of arrival please see here
  • For posters, will be rolled and ship in paper box. Card board is not included. That's why the price is lower than in flea market.


  • 台灣:郵寄(掛號) / 超商取貨
  • 台灣以外:以空郵掛號寄出,所需時間請見這裡
  • 海報:會捲起來放進紙箱寄出,不包含厚紙版,所以價格會稍低於市集販售