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[Gift] I'm From Hong Kong [滿額禮] 我來自香港 - Badge

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  1. 香港顧客(收件地址為香港)
  2. 滿 HK170 (NT680) 送 1 個,可累贈,即 HK340 (TW1360) 會送 2 個,如此類推
  3. 不包括運費來計算
  4. 請於結帳時註明要男生還是女生,沒註明則會隨機出貨
  5. 如指定款沒庫存,便給你另外那款
  6. 送完即止
  7. InkSundae 保留最終決定權


  • 44mm 直徑
  • 台灣製造

Gift for your trip! Pineapple bun with butter and Egg puff is special and delicious! (There are too many great food. It's so difficult to choose.)

How to get it: 

  1. Hong Kong customer (Shipping address is Hong Kong)
  2. Purchase for HK170 (TW680) to get one, accumulative. i.e. HK340 (TW1360) will have 2 
  3. Excluding shipping cost.
  4. Please remark for boy / girl in check out. If not remarked, will deliver randomly.
  5. If boy / girl is out of stock, will give you the other one.
  6. While stock last
  7. InkSundae reserves the right to the final decision.


  • 44mm diameter
  • Made in Taiwan


  • Taiwan: By registered mail / convenience store pick up
  • Outside Taiwan: By Air Mail (registered mail), time of arrival please see here
  • For posters, will be rolled and ship in paper box. Card board is not included.


  • 台灣:郵寄(掛號) / 超商取貨
  • 台灣以外:以空郵掛號寄出,所需時間請見這裡
  • 海報:會捲起來放進紙箱寄出,不包含厚紙版