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Understanding the Unlovely World 那些不可愛的 - Zine

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Description 簡介

“How weird the world is?”

Is our world lovely? Definitely not. When children are really small, parents will only tell them the beautiful side around us. Unavoidably children need to know the “unlovely” side one day. Let’s use some analogy to talk about the adult world, and rethink how weird it is.


Details 詳情 

  • Title: Understanding the Unlovely World (2nd Edition)
  • Creator: InkSundae
  • Size: 138x190mm
  • No. of pages: 52
  • Printing: Risograph
  • Printer: Retro 印刷 Jam
  • Quantity of print: 100
  • Publish date: 10/2019 (1st edition: 04/2019)


  • Include translation notes for Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Risograph printing may have slight displacement and colour variation
  • Books are hand-binded and without cropping.
  • Colour in photo is slightly different from product.

  • 名稱: Understanding the Unlovely World “那些不可愛的"  (第二版)
  • 作者: Inksundae
  • 尺寸: 138x190mm
  • 頁數: 52
  • 印刷: Risograph (孔版印刷)
  • 承印: Retro 印刷 Jam
  • 印刷數量:100
  • 出版: 10/2019 (第一版:04/2019)


  • 包含中文、日語及韓語翻譯小冊子
  • Risograph (孔版印刷)會有不對位、色偏及輕微掉色情況
  • 書本為手工裝訂,沒有裁切
  • 照片的顏色與實物有偏差

Shipping 寄送

  • Taiwan: By registered mail / convenience store pick up
  • Outside Taiwan: By Air Mail (registered mail), time of arrival please see here

  • 台灣:郵寄(掛號) / 超商取貨
  • 台灣以外:以空郵掛號寄出,所需時間請見這裡

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